Amicus Invest investment company: a new space for small investors

Can’t you see that space, that emptiness that slowly makes its way into life savings? What is it? Are you really asking me what it is? I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s really your bank account that’s emptying out. Holding a bank account has become unsustainable given the number of expenses required to keep it open and operational. You don’t have time to deposit money in the bank as it already charges you an unspecified set of charges and commissions. What exactly are these charges and commissions not even the employees of the bank itself know. There is only one way to earn money instead of losing it, and it is through risky investments. Around the risky investments revolves the preconception that only those who have large capital can invest and afford both to earn a lot and to lose part of what they have invested. If it is true that entrepreneurs who have large capital continue to make many investments with considerable sums, it is also true that there are investment companies such as Amicus Invest that allow even small savers to invest.

The Amicus Invest investment company also works for small savers

Amicus Invest is an investment company that has decided to allow even small savers to invest and earn in the medium and long term, year after year. The amount of money required to make an investment is only two thousand euros. What are you waiting for to address this investment company? There are a few credit institutions and investment companies that offer flexible investment plans for everyone. Take advantage of it now and contact Amicus invest to invest safely. Aren’t you tired of seeing some of your bank deposits disappear every month? It’s incredible to think, but nowadays if it weren’t for some objective and real risks like theft, you would probably have to keep your savings under the mattress and certainly not deposit them in the bank. Amicus invest is a reliable and secure investment company because it has been working in its sector for years. It is also committed to ensuring maximum transparency for its customers.

The investment plans offered by the investment company Amicus Invest

With a small sum you have the opportunity to earn money instead of losing it. Doesn’t this seem like an extraordinary opportunity not to be wasted for any reason in the world? Amicus Invest, an investment company, puts its valuable staff at your disposal to offer you the investment plan that best suits your needs. Its great experience and reliability make it possible for more and more people to turn to them to invest in complete safety. The investment plans offered are different, personalised and flexible, so that they can be adapted to your specific situation, should this change as well. Let’s see what these investment plans actually are. There are essentially three: the Bonus Cash Account, the single investment plan and the periodic investment plan. You just need to choose, with the help of an Amicus consultant, what’s right for you.



Invest for your future with Amicus Invest savings plans

With today’s market trends it is not so easy to be sure that the money that has been set aside for your pension or for your children will be the same in the future. That is why it is very useful to discover the investment and savings plans that many realities such as banks and credit institutions offer to their customers.

Moving through this marasmus of offers is not always so easy. The first thing to do, for example, should be to go and understand your own risk assessment. Each of us has in fact a very different propensity to risk, which then has a great influence on the type of institution and investment for which to opt.

In this sense Amicus Invest offers its customers special savings plans with good rates of return that are halfway between the very risky and the lesser returns.

Amicus Invest also offers various savings plans to best meet the needs of multiple customers.


Why choose to invest your savings with Amicus Invest

Amicus Invest is a well-established player on the international investment market. In fact, it has been operating on the market since 2011, during which time it has acquired knowledge and skills on the market.

Amicus Invest is also very attentive to the selection of investment products that it offers to its customers. Over time, it has also specialized in providing savings plans at very low rates of return.

Over the years Amicus Invest has refined and improved the procedures for the stipulation of these investment plans, automating the process. While the processes have been automated, Amicus Invest always guarantees its clients the support of carefully selected consultants who are always available to assist them in choosing the ideal savings product.

Amicus Invest is also very committed to social issues, where through its foundation it allocates half of its profits to charitable activities aimed at protecting human rights and animal welfare.


Amicus Invest savings plans: a certainty for your future

Amicus Invest has refined its investment proposals over time and has defined its portfolio with three savings plans. The first of these consists of an Bonus Cash Account, in fact at the rate of return of 3% per annum must be added 1% interest bonus.

The Regular Saving Plan, on the other hand, consists of a savings plan designed for much longer periods. Here, however, it is the client who can choose the length of the investment period. The longer the investment period, the higher the rate of return.

The Single Investment Plan, on the other hand, consists of a plan with slightly lower rates of return than the previous one and a maximum investment period of 120 months.

All three investment proposals do not require the payment of fees for the management of the account and provide the possibility, upon advance notice, to be able to make withdrawals without having to wait for the due date.


Plan your savings plan with Amicus Invest offers

Have you ever wondered how you can guarantee yourself or your children a better future, thanks to greater financial support? Now it is possible, thanks to the investment and savings opportunities that many companies offer to their customers.

More specifically, these are savings plans that are offered precisely to allow people to set aside a small variable monthly amount and thus make it pay in the long term. When they expire, these people will have at their disposal a certain amount of money that they can decide to invest as they prefer.

In this regard, we find Amicus Invest, a company that operates on the international market and that over the years has specialized in defining savings plans for its customers.

These savings plans are designed with the aim of guaranteeing customers a guaranteed return on their investments and to allow them to save easily and safely.


Why invest in Amicus Invest savings plans?

Amicus Invest savings plans are special savings plans. Amicus Invest’s offer is distinguished above all by two products: the regular savings plan and the single investment plan.

With the regular savings plan, the objective is precisely to guarantee a good economic return for the client. To do this, it must enter into a long-term contract that can range from a period of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years. Over the period, thanks to a rate of return, which varies according to the number of years for which you have decided to enter into the investment, you can grow your capital a lot. Investing in a form of savings like this also has the advantage of not having annual payment fees and having the ability to always access the account. In addition, the initial investment can be as little as 100 euros.

The single investment plan, however, is a plan that allows you to invest your money for a period ranging from 3 to 120 months. This makes it clear from the outset that the investment is flexible. In addition, the longer the investment period, the higher the corresponding rate of return.


Why choose Amicus Invest for your investments

Amicus Invest is a well-established reality on the market. It has been operating since 2011 and offers its clients guaranteed investment opportunities. Amicus Invest’s offer of investment plans is quite varied and above all very competitive in the market. Investing with Amicus Invest also has the advantage of being able to conclude these investment contracts in the main international currencies available. In addition, the potential client will always be supported in the process of choosing and managing the investment by experienced staff who will advise on the savings and investment plans best suited to their needs.

Amicus Invest is also very attentive to the next one, thanks to the fact that more than half of the annual profits are allocated to support charitable projects designed to ensure the protection of children, animals and human rights.


Amicus Invest investment company: stop spending, yes to constant earnings

What’s that hole you see in the bank account? Have you not yet noticed that your savings are slowly running out? Don’t you understand that this is not just money but the result of years of hard work? Don’t you care about enjoying this money instead of seeing it disappear year after year? Conventional banks have these disadvantages unfortunately. The moment you deposit your savings into your current account, you slowly see them evaporate. Would you like to find a way to prevent this from happening? Maybe you won’t believe it but this way really exists and is called risky investments. Yes, I know that you are thinking that investments are not made for small savers but only for people who have large amounts of capital. I can say with certainty that this is not true, at least as things stand. Fortunately, there are investment companies that take care of small savers. The investment company Amicus Invest, for example, is one of them.

The investment company Amicus Invest guarantees you a secure return

The investment company Amicus Invest is also concerned about small savers and allows them to earn in the medium and long term. I know it doesn’t seem true to you, but get used to the idea. Even those who do not have a large amount of capital can make their savings. What are you waiting for then? Aren’t you tired of seeing your hard-earned money evaporate over time? Among the account expenses, insurance expenses, charges, commissions and a million other mysterious items you ended up in a vortex from which it is difficult to find the exit. Now that you know its name, investment company Amicus Invest, how about getting out of that chair, stop complaining and make a proper investment? You can earn consistently year after year. Amicus Invest is reliable, safe and transparent. The experience of Amicus consultants will allow you to choose the investment plan that best suits your situation.

Amicus Invest investment company: the investment of small savers

The extraordinary thing is that by investing a small sum – consider that the minimum capital is only two thousand euros – you can really give a breath to your wallet and therefore to your current account. Amicus’ experience and reliability means that more and more people are turning to them. Choosing the right investment plan has become the last chance to get your capital shaken rather than to see it disappear. Amicus Invest offers investment plans that are flexible and tailored to your needs. They can be summarized in three main categories: the Bonus Cash Account, the single investment plan and the periodic investment plan. Surely among these is the investment plan that suits your needs and desires. What distinguishes Amicus from its competitors, as well as excellent service, is also its commitment to social issues. Were you aware that at least half of the company’s income is earmarked for charitable organizations that deal with child protection? Don’t you think that’s another reason to invest in Amicus Invest?


The investment company Amicus Invest to earn money easily

Are you losing more and more money year after year? Do you wonder why your current account is becoming increasingly empty? Easy! The costs of managing your current account are expensive and without you realizing it every month that goes by, money disappears. It’s a slow hemorrhage that takes away the result of years of hard work. Surely it would be better if you could enjoy this money! You won’t believe it, but there is a way to escape this spiral and not only preserve your money, but also increase it. In fact, you can make your capital pay off through risky investments. Don’t let the name fool you. I guess you’ll think this is for the rich, but it’s not! Risky investments are increasingly within everyone’s reach. You don’t believe it, do you? The chance to earn little by little is real and is called investment company Amicus Invest.

Amicus Invest investment company: so that everyone can earn

The investment company Amicus Invest has thought of small savers and helped to combat the stereotype that investing is the prerogative of the rich, a whim that only those who own a large capital can afford. This means that even those who have a small capital – consider that the minimum capital that can be invested is only two thousand euros – can actually invest and make their savings, earning consistently over the years. Follow my advice: do not let your life’s efforts rot in the bank! Instead, think about making them pay! The only thing you can actually do is turn to a reliable investment company like Amicus Invest. The possibility of investing and earning money in the medium term thanks to Amicus Invest is open to everyone. All you have to do is contact his staff to choose the investment plan that suits you best. The financial advisors of the investment company Amicus Invest have the experience to help you.

Investing and earning safely with Amicus Invest investment company

Invest a small sum and you’ll finally see your capital grow year by year. Amicus Invest has always aimed to be absolutely transparent and safe for its customers. This means that more and more people are turning to them to make their savings. Don’t fall behind! Aren’t you tired of losing money year after year? If I were in your place, I would have already done something to resolve the situation definitively. Risky investments are the answer to your problems, especially if you entrust some of your savings to a reliable investment company like Amicus Invest. The investment plans it offers are different, to meet the needs of each client: the Bonus Cash Account, the periodic investment plan and the single investment plan. It is not possible that among these there is not what you are looking for. Did you also know that half of the proceeds of this investment company go to charitable organizations that are directly concerned with the protection of children and their rights? Investing with Amicus Invest means making a profit and doing it to others. What more could you want?


Make your savings worth with Amicus Invest investment company

Do you feel that every year you have less and less money in your bank account? Are you wondering how much money will be left for when you retire? Would you like to find a way to earn little by little in a constant way? I know it seems impossible but this way really exists. There is a real chance to make your savings come to fruition. This possibility is called “Amicus Invest investment company“. Risky investments are a real opportunity to make a profit for everyone, even small investors. Who said that only those who can invest a large amount of capital can earn in the long run? The risky investment is no longer the prerogative of wealthy entrepreneurs who own large amounts of capital. The investment company Amicus Invest has also thought of small savers and has developed ad hoc solutions.

Amicus Invest: the right investment company for you

Don’t rot your savings in the bank! Unfortunately, it’s the end they’ll do if you don’t invest them right away, that is, if you don’t turn to a serious and reliable investment company like Amicus Invest. That’s the sad truth. Year after year, a good part of what you have earned will go into account expenses, commissions and many other charges that the bank charges you without you realizing it. Amicus Invest guarantees everyone the chance to earn money in the short and medium term by investing a relatively small amount. The minimum capital required is in fact only two thousand euros. In short, stop complaining about your “trusted” bank and act before the situation escalates. Risky investments are the only ones that allow you to really earn money, year after year. What are you waiting for? Amicus Invest’s financial advisors can help you choose the right investment plan for you. Choosing Amicus is about being safe; its extensive experience in the industry makes it an extremely reliable investment firm with a well-trained staff.

Investment plans for every need with Amicus Invest

Take the right steps and invest your money to earn a good sum in the medium term. Amicus Invest, as I said, has thought of solutions suitable even for small savers. Its values are transparency and security of the customer, even when the latter does not have a large capital to invest. Every client is important and Amicus is committed to finding the best investment plan for everyone. The investment plans proposed are different and tailored to the needs of the customer. There are the Bonus Cash Account, the periodic investment plan and the single investment plan. Surely among these there will be the one that suits you. Amicus Invest also devotes a large part of its profits to charitable organizations that are primarily concerned with the protection of children, then the rights of children. Your investment will be good not only for yourself but also for the weakest. Do not esitate and contact Amicus Invest. You won’t regret it at all. It will be the best choice for you!


Invest your savings and watch your capital grow

Deciding to make an investment is never an easy choice to make. In fact, the investment market is quite varied and offers many solutions to invest capital. Moving among the various investment possibilities is not so easy.

Before choosing the type of investment is advisable to clarify the ideas about what you want to get from this investment. Do you prefer to earn a lot or are you simply looking for an investment that allows you to maintain the value of your capital, thus increasing its value by a small percentage? Once these doubts have been clarified, you can go in search of the investment proposal that best meets your needs.

In this sense, in fact, it is always advisable to evaluate different proposals and above all to count on the support that the staff of the various realities offers you. In this regard, the investment company Amicus Invest is very careful. It is careful to guide and direct potential customers in choosing the ideal investment package. In addition, Amicus Invest guarantees the right support even after the contract has been signed.


Amicus Invest, a well-established and cutting-edge investment company

The investment company Amicus Invest is in fact a reality that has some experience in the international investment market. It has been guaranteeing its service since 2011 and offers its clients an excellent service. Consultancy service guaranteed not only in the initial phase of choosing the ideal investment package but also the right support throughout the duration of the investment period.

In addition, the investment company Amicus Invest guarantees the possibility to stipulate investments in the main international currencies.

In addition to this, Amicus Invest selects and guarantees its clients three different investment plans. Different investment plans but designed to meet a variety of needs. In addition to this, it is very important to underline the social commitment of this company. The investment company Amicus Invest in fact devotes at least half of its revenues annually to charitable activities such as the improvement of human rights, animal welfare and children.


Discovering the Amicus Invest investment plans

The investment plans offered by the investment company Amicus Invest are different and have specific characteristics suitable to meet very different needs.

In general, all investment plans have similar characteristics, such as the absence of taxes on account management and that any investment plan guarantees a fixed return on investment.

The first investment plan provides for a return on investment of 3% plus a bonus of 1% if certain results are achieved. It is also a plan that also guarantees the possibility of withdrawals.

In addition to this plan, there is also a regular savings plan, while this plan guarantees an interest rate of 6% for a 12-month investment plan.

Finally, the single investment plan guarantees an economic return of 6.25%, with the possibility of concluding the contract for a maximum period of 120 months.

Moreover, don’t forget the offer of the bonuses that Amicus Invest offers for those who conclude contracts during the Christmas period.