Invest for your future with Amicus Invest savings plans

With today’s market trends it is not so easy to be sure that the money that has been set aside for your pension or for your children will be the same in the future. That is why it is very useful to discover the investment and savings plans that many realities such as banks and credit institutions offer to their customers.

Moving through this marasmus of offers is not always so easy. The first thing to do, for example, should be to go and understand your own risk assessment. Each of us has in fact a very different propensity to risk, which then has a great influence on the type of institution and investment for which to opt.

In this sense Amicus Invest offers its customers special savings plans with good rates of return that are halfway between the very risky and the lesser returns.

Amicus Invest also offers various savings plans to best meet the needs of multiple customers.


Why choose to invest your savings with Amicus Invest

Amicus Invest is a well-established player on the international investment market. In fact, it has been operating on the market since 2011, during which time it has acquired knowledge and skills on the market.

Amicus Invest is also very attentive to the selection of investment products that it offers to its customers. Over time, it has also specialized in providing savings plans at very low rates of return.

Over the years Amicus Invest has refined and improved the procedures for the stipulation of these investment plans, automating the process. While the processes have been automated, Amicus Invest always guarantees its clients the support of carefully selected consultants who are always available to assist them in choosing the ideal savings product.

Amicus Invest is also very committed to social issues, where through its foundation it allocates half of its profits to charitable activities aimed at protecting human rights and animal welfare.


Amicus Invest savings plans: a certainty for your future

Amicus Invest has refined its investment proposals over time and has defined its portfolio with three savings plans. The first of these consists of an Bonus Cash Account, in fact at the rate of return of 3% per annum must be added 1% interest bonus.

The Regular Saving Plan, on the other hand, consists of a savings plan designed for much longer periods. Here, however, it is the client who can choose the length of the investment period. The longer the investment period, the higher the rate of return.

The Single Investment Plan, on the other hand, consists of a plan with slightly lower rates of return than the previous one and a maximum investment period of 120 months.

All three investment proposals do not require the payment of fees for the management of the account and provide the possibility, upon advance notice, to be able to make withdrawals without having to wait for the due date.



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