Guaranteed return on Amicus Invest investments

Surely nowadays investments represent a good solution for those who want to grow their capital or for those who want to keep it constant. In fact, if you have a small sum aside, keeping it on your current account is not really an ideal solution, also because between the expenses of managing accounts and market trends, your money could lose part of its value.

For this reason, making investments, more or less risky, is an excellent alternative and also allows you to earn a little money.

The investment market offers a variety of investment possibilities, there are the riskiest ones with particularly high rates of return and the least risky ones. Deciding to invest your money is also a safe haven for your future. In fact, these are investments that are stipulated for a couple of years and that at the end of the period guarantee a good economic return.

There are many realities and credit institutions that offer these types of investments, certainly among these the offers of Amicus Invest are the most interesting.


Investing your money with Amicus Invest: guaranteed future economic return

Amicus Invest represents a perfectly consolidated economic reality in the international investment market. It has been operating in the market for over 10 years, and in this period it has only consolidated and matured its experience in the market, improving the offer of investment plans for its customers.

The advantages of investing with Amicus Invest are several, first of all Amicus Invest offers the best interest rates on the market with particularly high returns on investments that can vary from 6% to 10% depending on the investment plan chosen.

In addition, Amicus Invest savings plans do not provide for annual fees for account management, even if these are stipulated in the main international currencies.

This is why Amicus Invest is a reality that attracts investors from all over the world.

Finally, attentive and prepared staff is always ready to direct you to the investment plan that best suits your needs.


Discover Amicus Invest savings plans

Amicus Invest has over the years enriched its offer of savings plans. To date, Amicus Invest’s proposals are distinguished by three investment plans.

The first offering plan consists of the Amicus account with bonus, it is a special account, where the annual rate of 3% is added to a further 1% bonus per year.

The Amicus regular saving plan, on the other hand, guarantees higher interest rates ranging from 6% to 10%. The higher the rate of return, the longer the investment period. This is a perfect savings plan to save some money to improve your future pension or to give your children the security of going to university.

Finally, with the Amicus single investment plan the investment period ranges from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 120 months. For all these options there is the possibility with advance notice of being able to make withdrawals from the account. 



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